10 Points to Tick Before You Select Public Cloud Application Services

December 4, 2018


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With each passing day, the technocrats are realizing the significance of Cloud application services. But with the advent of cloud computing, numerous organizations are now skeptical of adopting Cloud application services, especially for Public Cloud deployment model. Hence the blog is for all those who are still confused and keen to understand the benefits of a cloud deployment model.

A quick go to market model

With a public cloud deployment, it is pretty convenient to create a test environment. The reusability feature helps the cloud public model to put its best foot forward with the implementation of pre-built templates. It gives a cushioning to scale down and scale up with a flexible cost model.

On-demand resources

The pressure to own resources is not a compulsion; you apply and own resources like network, storage and services whenever needed.


In public cloud application services, the IT admin can quickly scale the model during peak load periods without worrying about the feasibility concerns.

Cost Benefits

The cloud economy helps you to sail smoothly within a stringent budget and ever-changing market.

Minimize Operational Expenses and Effort

With a wide array of prebuilt features like information security, management, governance, user management and implementation utilities, the operations become a cakewalk for the admin.

“Pay as you go” model

It is quite helpful because you need to block your investment on heavy assets in the initial steps rather you have the option to pay the bills as and when you increase your usability similarly as you play monthly electricity.

Scope of innovation

Apply Pareto principle, traditional ratio where the 80% of focus is on capital expenditure, resource utilization, and other processes while only 20% focus on main business operations. Cloud architecture helps in altering the ratio by empowering the admins with the capacity to put in 80% of their time on main business processes which opens up immense doors of innovation.

Competitive Advantage

The organizations ability to speedup growth and development with optimizing cost is the real crux that caters to innovation and competitive advantage.

Green Computing

Energy consumption and process effectiveness is the centre stage need of any business today. Cloud architecture is the bellwether for go-green movement across the globe by catering to the economy of scale, effective resource management and improved utilization of the resources.

Fault Tolerance

Most of the cloud mechanisms facilitate with fault tolerance capacities to forecast failures and take predictive actions to mitigate damages and eliminate downtime.

When it comes to public cloud application services the benefits are tenfold, however, these are just 10. So if you are worried about the operational cost of your current database on-premise server then its high-time to upgrade to cloud-based public model.